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Maize Quest Corn Mazes
Giant 7-Acre Corn Maze

Attractions: Giant Corn Maze

At the Todd Family Fun Farm, we are proud to offer a giant, 11-acre Maize Quest Cornfield Maze adventure - available for groups, families, and individuals every fall. Our corn maze attraction features a different theme every year and is fun for ALL ages!

New Corn Maze for 2017!

Corn Maze 2017: Corinth Coca-Cola 110 Years

This year, our corn maze theme is "Corinth Coca-Cola 110 Years" in celebration of the company's anniversary! Don't miss the fun!

Past Mazes

Corn Maze 2016: Olympics

Corn Maze 2016: Olympics

Last year, our corn maze theme was "Olympics" in honor of Team USA and the exciting Olympic games held in Rio.

Corn Maze 2015: Secret Agent

Corn Maze 2015: Secret Agent

In 2015, our corn maze theme was "Secret Agent." Guests journied into a world of intrigue and espionage. From the Cold War to James Bond, the world's nations play the dangerous game of misdirection and double agents. The maze design included iconic imagery from spy movies.

Corn Maze 2014: Pirate Treasure

Corn Maze 2013: Renewable Energy

In 2014, our corn maze theme was "Pirate Treasure." Guests took to the high seas of the Golden Age of Piracy to discover the history and surprising customs of pirates of the Caribbean. The design featured a pirate ship at sea and a desert island.

Corn Maze 2013: Renewable Energy

Corn Maze 2013: Renewable Energy

In 2013, our corn maze theme was "Renewable Energy." Visitors learned the importance of renewable energy for our earth and about ethanol as a farm-grown source of energy.

Corn Maze 2012: Vote & Girl Scout 100th Anniversary

Corn Maze 2012: Vote and Girl Scout 100th Anniversary

In 2012, we had not one, but TWO corn mazes! Our large corn maze theme was "Vote 2012," where visitors could have fun while learning about our government, how the judicial system works, and about our rights.

We also had a special "Girl Scout 100th Anniversary" maze where visitors could learn about the history and interesting facts about Girl Scouts!

Corn Maze 2011: USA Road Trip

Corn Maze 2011: USA Road Trip

Our corn maze for 2011 was USA Road Trip! Visitors 'traveled' through all 50 states in just one day and learned about major monuments, state parks, and more! Where else can you do that?!

Corn Maze 2010: Space Exploration

Corn Maze 2010: Space Exploration

Our 2010 corn maze theme was Space Exploration. Visitors traveled to the final frontier as explorers on the Space Shuttle!

Adults and kids alike learned about man's quest to escape the Earth's atmosphere and the science behind the journey. As visitors found their way through the maze, which was divided into four uniques sections, they had the opportunity to play educational games - learning all about the farm.

Corn Maze 2009: Racing Pics

Corn Maze 2009: Inaugural Maze

Our very first 7-acre corn maze, launched in 2009, was Racing Pigs. Thanks to all who came out to help our first year be a success!


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